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    General classification of inductance coils


    Single coil

    3.1 Single layer coil

    A single layer coil is made of insulated wire wound round and round on a paper tube or bakelite frame.

    Such as transistorized radio medium wave antenna coil.

    3.2 Honeycomb coil

    If the coils are wound whose planes are not parallel to the surface of rotation, but intersect at an Angle, they are called honeycomb coils.

    And its rotation, the number of wire bending back and forth, often called the number of fold points.

    The advantages of honeycomb winding are small size, small distributed capacitance and large inductance.

    The honeycomb coil is wound by honeycomb winding machine. The more folding points, the smaller the distributed capacitance

    3.3 Ferrite core and iron powder core coils

    The inductance of the coil is related to the presence or absence of magnetic core.

    Inserting a ferrite core into the hollow coil can increase the inductance and improve the quality factor of the coil.

    3.4 Copper coils

    Copper coils are widely used in ultrashort wave range. The position of the copper core in the coil is rotated to change the inductance. This adjustment is more convenient and durable.

    3.5 Color-coded inductance coil

    It is a high frequency inductance coil, which is wrapped in some enameled wire on the magnetic core and then encapsulated with epoxy or plastic.

    It operates at a frequency of 10 kHz to 200MHz and typically has an inductance of 0.1uH to 3300uH.

    The color code inductor is an inductor with fixed inductance, and its inductance is marked by color ring as the resistance.

    The units are uH.

    3.6 choke coil

    The coil that restricts the flow of alternating current is called the choke coil, which is divided into high frequency choke coil and low frequency choke coil.

    3.7 Deflection coil

    The deflection coil is the load of the output stage of the TV scanning circuit. The requirements of the deflection coil are as follows: high deflection sensitivity, uniform magnetic field, high Q value, small size and low price.

    Type, specification and naming of inductor.

    There are many inductor manufacturers at home and abroad, including famous manufacturers SAMUNG, PHI, TDK, AVX, VISHAY, NEC, KEMET, ROHM and so on.

    5.1 Chip Inductance

    Inductance: 10NH ~ 1MH

    Material: ferrite wound ceramic lamination

    Accuracy: J=±5% K=±10% M=±20%

    Size: 0402 0603 0805 1008 1206 1210 1812 1008=2.5mm*2.0mm 1210=3.2mm*2.5mm

    5.2 Power Inductance

    Inductance: 1NH ~ 20MH, with or without shielding

    Size: SMD43, SMD54, SMD73, SMD75, SMD104, SMD105;

    RH73 RH74 / RH104R/RH105R/RH124;


    5.3 Flake magnetic beads

    Type: CBG (normal type) impedance: 5Ω ~ 3K, CBH (large current) impedance: 30 C ~ 120 V, CBY (peak type) impedance: 5 C ~ 2K V

    Specification: 0402/0603/0805/1206/1210/1806 (SMT magnetic bead)

    Specification: SMB302520 SMB403025 / SMB853025 (SMT large current magnetic bead)

    5.4 Plug-in magnetic beads

    Specification: RH3.5

    5.5 Inductance of color ring

    Inductance: 0.1uH ~ 22mH, Dimensions: 0204, 0307, 0410, 0512,

    Bean-shaped inductance: 0.1UH ~ 22mH

    Dimensions: 0405, 0606, 0607, 0909, 0910

    Accuracy: J=±5% K=±10% M=±20%

    5.6 Vertical Inductance

    Inductance: uH ~ 3 0.1 mh, specifications: PK0455 / PK0608 / PK0810 / PK0912

    5.7 Axial filter inductor

    Specification: LGC0410 / LGC0513 / LGC0616 / LGC1019, inductance: 0.1 uH - 10 mh.

    Rated current: 65mA~10A.

    Q value is high, the price is generally low, and the self-resonant frequency is high.

    5.8 Inductance of magnetic ring

    Specification: TC3026 / TC3726 / TC4426 / TC5026, size (mm) : 3.25 ~ 15.88

    5.9 Inductance of air core

    In order to obtain the higher inductance value of air core inductance, more enameled wire is often used, and in order to reduce the influence of the line resistance of the inductance itself on the DC current, enameled wire with thicker wire diameter should be used.

    But in some products with less volume, it is not realistic to use very heavy air core inductor, which not only increases the cost, but also limits the volume of the product.

    In order to improve the inductance value and keep the light weight, we can insert the magnetic core and iron core into the air core inductance to improve the inductance's self-inductance ability, thus improving the inductance value.

    At present, in the computer, the vast majority is the core inductance.

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