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    The difference between imported flat coil and domestic flat coil


    Today, Youhui computer winding machine will introduce some differences between imported flat coil and domestic flat coil in the production process

    Let's start with the inlet coil.

    Imported coil when a number of small Japanese things are done well, is a small screw more than 10 years not rust, unlike domestic manufacturers.

    At present, the import of flat line is mainly Japanese SL,ZH - based.

    Why do you say that?

    1, the appearance of the coil: light yellow color, uniform color, no black line, particles, and other bad

    2, the coil material: the material toughness is good, easy to wrap wire forming - usually by hand winding machine test

    3, coil size: body and paint film size consistency, four edges and corners of the R Angle is smaller -- the same specification of wire,DCR is smaller

    4, coil characteristics: better heat resistance (IQC inspection is generally a heat resistance test), higher compressive strength, pinhole 100% in line with IEC standards.

    However, domestic coil compared with imported coil is bad.

    All the above are required inspection items for IQC inspection of flat coils, as well as shipment inspection items for wire manufacturers.

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