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    The winding process of computer winding machine is introduced



    Today, Youhui computer winding machine to share with you some of the characteristics of computer winding machine and winding process.

    Firstly, the characteristics of the computer winding machine are introduced

    Winding machine sub-bedroom, vertical two models.

    Imported equipment vertical, horizontal have.

    Domestic generally only vertical winding machine.

    Before, they were adjusted in a mechanical way. With the development of PC, they are now optimized by touch screen programmers, making the man-machine interface more humanized and easier to operate.

    Features of Horizontal Winding Machine: Winding operation is simple, if it is the mold that has been debugging OK, it is easier to convert the machine.

    Can better control height size, shape size.

    Disadvantages: the mold design is complex, the mold cost is high (is the vertical winding machine mold 4-6 times).

    In the process of winding wire is squeezed, easy to produce enameled film rupture.

    The actual DCR is quite different from the design. It is difficult for the wire under the thickness of 0.12mm to be wound and formed.

    Vertical winding machine features: winding die production is simple, the mold cost is low, the debugging time is long (of course, related to the technician's proficiency).

    The wire basically does not encounter the mold in the winding process (only through the wire groove), the wire is small by the extrusion degree, and it is not easy to produce the enameled film rupture.

    From above, it seems that the performance of the vertical winding machine is better.

    In fact, there is a great relationship between the precision of winding machine equipment and the proficiency of technicians.

    Special strength: the choice of winding machine technician, in addition to the technical ability, the selection of better patience personnel is more suitable for this job.

    Winding process is a technical work, need to accumulate experience, for the case to summarize.

    Many people 70% of the products can be debugged, difficult cases and winding product quality stability can reflect the level

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