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    Periodic maintenance and maintenance of winding machine


    In order to ensure the normal operation of the winding machine, in addition to the correct use according to the operating procedures, pay attention to normal monitoring and maintenance in the process of operation, we should also carry out regular inspection, do a good job in the maintenance of the winding machine.

    In this way, some faults can be eliminated in time, and failures can be prevented to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the winding machine.

    The time interval of regular maintenance can be determined according to the form of winding machine considering the use environment.

    The content of regular maintenance is as follows.

    ① cleaning winding machine.

    Remove the dust and mud outside the winding machine base in time.

    If the environment is dusty, it is best to clean it once a day.

    (2) Check and clean the wiring terminals of the winding machine.

    Check whether the wiring screw of the junction box is loose or burned.

    Check the screws of the fixed part, including foot screws, end cover screws, bearing cover screws, etc.

    Tighten the loose nut.

    ④ Check the transmission device.

    Check whether the pulley or coupling is broken, damaged, and whether the installation is firm;

    Whether the belt and its connection buckle are in good condition.

    The starting equipment of the winding machine should also promptly wipe the external dust and dirt, wipe the contacts, check whether the wiring parts have burned traces, and whether the grounding wire is good.

    The inspection and maintenance of bearings.

    Bearings should be cleaned and replaced with grease or lubricating oil after a period of use.

    The time of cleaning and oil change should be determined by the working condition, working environment, cleaning degree and lubricant type of the winding machine.

    Generally every work 3~6 months, should be cleaned once

    And replace the grease.

    When the oil temperature is higher, or the environmental conditions are poor and the dust is more, the winding machine should be cleaned and changed frequently.

    The method of cleaning rolling bearings and replacing grease has been mentioned above, and will not be repeated here.

    The inspection of insulation condition.

    The insulating ability of insulating materials varies with the degree of dryness, so it is very important to keep the motor windings dry.

    Wool winding machine working environment damp, the presence of corrosive gas and other factors, will destroy the electrical insulation.

    The most common is winding grounding

    Fault, that is, insulation damage, so that the live part and the housing should not be charged with the metal part of the collision, the occurrence of this fault, not only affect the normal work of the winding machine, but also endanger personal safety.

    So winding machine in use, should often check the insulation resistance, but also pay attention to check the winding machine

    Shell grounding is reliable.

    In addition to the above several contents of the winding machine for regular maintenance, operation after a year to overhaul.

    The purpose of the overhaul is to carry out a thorough and comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the winding machine, supplement the missing and worn components of the winding machine, and completely eliminate the dust inside and outside the winding machine.

    Dirt, check insulation, clean bearings and check for wear.

    If any problem is found, deal with it in time.

    Generally speaking, as long as the correct use, proper maintenance, found fault timely treatment, winding machine's working life is very long.

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